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Distressed Sports Fan Tee

Distressed Sports Fan Tee

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Each tee is made to order, so not only is customization possible, it's encouraged!! Since each one is made to order, each one will be unique and have it's own look. All will be similar, but not exact.
Tees are 65% polyester/35% cotton.
This material is very soft and will quickly become your everyday tee!

The graphic is printed via sublimation. This is not screen-print, so it won't crack or chip. This is not vinyl, so it will not peel off. Sublimation is a process that infuses the ink directly into the shirt. It binds to the polyester in the shirt and permanently changes the fabric. What this means is that the fabric can be manipulated or stretched and the graphic will not be affected.
Customize the Letter and Mascot under the PERSONALIZE IT! tab on this listing. (Example: City: G (Gentry), Mascot: Pioneers)